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Sandy Terraces Associates Nude Campground
Established in the late 1940's STA was a vision of naturally like minded individuals who enjoyed the freedom to be nude and the beauty now known as Sandy Terraces, a  cooperative association of family and friends who value the beauty of nature. Being naturally at peace with our members and visitors, we all enjoy a peaceful serene atmosphere to practice nudism.  We swim, canoe, sunbathe, meditate, laugh, console, read a good book, always making time for great food and  lots of laughter and fun times.

Sandy Terraces Associates-What will you see, smell, or hear?
Often the best times are spent meandering our terraced trails that wander through an enchanted forest passing member sites that bring out the individual.  On a Saturday evening a large happy group preparing for an impromptu dinner or a group activity that is hosted at our pavilion, or the smell of local hardwood leading a path to our wood heated sauna which overlooks the beautiful clear pond that is framed by the forest and terraced surroundings above.  You will always hear the sounds of enjoyment, laughter, and the silence of the evening.  Whether it is the sights, the smells, or the sounds of Sandy Terraces, you will always absorb the simplicity of Nature.------Welcome To A Little Bit Of Paradise On Cape Cod!

We do not have any food service  on site. However we do have water and canned soft drinks available, ice (please see the gate attendant) and a Keurig coffee bar. There are several local delivery restaurants nearby, menus are available in the office.

Membership / Membership Application:
Sandy Terraces Associates is a co-operative campground.  It is required on all accounts that, as a member, you will participate and adhere to all rules and regulations established.  All those interested in becoming a member are asked to visit the camp 2-3 times, attend at least 2 camp sponsored functions, and meet with the members of the Advisory Board to chat about your interest in becoming a member of Sandy Terraces. 
Membership rates can be viewed (Click Here). AANR annual membership is included in the STA membership fee.   When you visit, membership information and requirements will be available--Naturally!


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