Sandy Terraces Associates
      Nudist Campground....
           On Cape Cod


Welcome to Sandy Terraces!
Living & Playing Naturally On Cape Cod.....In The Sun



Sandy Terraces Guidelines

CONDUCT:  We are an AANR Sponsored facility so your conduct is your Passport to Sandy Terraces.  All persons shall respect the rights and privileges of others.  No lewd or inappropriate behavior, improper language, objectionable stories or malicious gossip will be permitted.  Intoxication or use of  illegal substances will be grounds for immediate removal and refusal of future admission.  Alcohol must be used with discretion.  

TOWELS:  Please carry and sit on your personal towels in all areas of the camp when nude.

Firearms or other dangerous weapons will be permitted on the premises at any time, under any circumstances.

CAMERAS: The use of cameras on the premises is prohibited without express permission granted by the Camp Director and if permission is granted, NO
pictures may be taken of any person without obtaining the persons prior consent.

MAIN GATE/ENTRANCE:  The Main Gate and the entrance to the camp MUST BE KEPT CLOSED AT ALL TIMES.  Persons entering or leaving the property must close and secure the gate immediately and this area is a NO NUDE ZONE.

DIGITAL DEVICES:  The use of cell phones or any device containing a camera (I.E.: I Phones, Pads, Lap Tops, etc.) are permitted but the cameras must be covered with blue tape provided at the office and the pool bathrooms.  Please refrain from loud phone conversations while in a public area.


DO feel free to join in at planned events. n

DON'T ask for a persons last name or address at a first meeting.

DO roam freely throughout the entire campground, but respect the camp trailers, they are privately owned.
DON'T leave cigarette or cigar butts or litter of any kind on the ground

DON'T bring glass containers to the beach or pool areas. 


Guidelines (Ct'd.)   

GROUNDS:  There shall be NO alteration of any kind made to the Campground property.

PETS:  NO dogs are allowed on campground property.  All other pets are restricted to one and must stay on person's site.  Cats must be provided with a litter box.

FIRES:  Attended fires are permitted only in the fire pit at the Pavillion.

CHILDREN:  Parents must supervise the safety and good behavior of their children.

QUIET TIME:  Quiet time is between the hours of 11:00PM & 8:00AM.

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